Made in india

Pixel Technologies proudly declaring that we are the only LED Moving Display Manufacturer in Tamilnadu. We have full control over Hardware and Software design which makes as unique and able to do any kind customization based on the customer requirements.

Made in india

We are able to manufacture in India because our LED Moving Display product is design by us. Customers are very interested to buy Indian product because of Service.

Support "Made in India", "Jai Hind"

How we are differ from others

  • Own hardware and software design
  • Life time service available
  • Easily troubleshoot the product in case any repair
  • Customization of product as per customer requirement
  • LED moving display customization can done for any type of industries (Ex: Production industires, Hospitals, Railway, Bus Transport, etc)

How to identify our display

"Pixel" will be loaded when the display is switched ON and it can be controlled by VirtualMatrix software


Service Any Size Any Where Any Time

Pixel SAS is the key factor to enhance
customer experience and improve dealer alliance


Customer Satisfaction


         An initial transaction is not the end of customer relationships. The product development deals great market openings to expand and grow aftermarket services offerings. That is why successful organizations focus on developing both sales and after sales skills. Pixel Sales and After Sales solutions support all significant actions—from sales and customer relationship management to maintenance, repair, overhaul and other aftermarket opportunities.



  • Model: Nano

    Size: 2.25ft x 0.6ft

    Price: Rs.4,750/-

  • Model: Micro

    Size: 3.25ft x 0.6ft

    Price: Rs.5,750/-

  • Model: Mini

    Size: 4.25ft x 0.6ft

    Price: Rs.7,000/-

  • Model: Medium

    Size: 5.4ft x 0.6ft

    Price: Rs.8,500/-

  • Model: Large

    Size: 6.5ft x 0.6ft

    Price: Rs.10,500/-

  • Model: Auto Display

    Size: 2.25ft x 0.6ft

    Price: Rs.5,000/-

  • Model: Taxi Display(Double Side)

    Size: 2.25ft x 0.6ft

    Price: Rs.9,000/-



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Virtual matrix software



Description Eligibility Experience Openings
Hardware engineer ECE or EEE (Diploma or Engg) Fresher or Experience 3
Software engineer ECE or EEE (Engg) Fresher or Experience 2

What we are

Pixel Technologies has developed, designed, manufactured and distributed LED Display for various industries in commercial aspects. Pixel is widely recognized as the leading and most efficient manufacturer in LED Display available for both indoor and outdoor.

Our service after sales is the key success factor to get wide range of customers. The real secret of success in each and every project we do is the committed time and services.

However, our displays are not "fits-all" solutions. Our multidimensional approach expands predictable thinking about the customer requirements. We consider various parameters in our problem-solving equation, looking at design, scalability and budget. Our LED display supports “Any Language” in the world that can be managed easily through “Virtual Matrix” software.

Pixel Core Values

Pixel Core Values

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Pixel Technologies
PM Nagar (Near Union Bank),
Seelanaickenpatti by-pass, Salem 636 201
P: +91 9629492747, +91 9944942227

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